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Winter pond cleaning is a very popular service that we offer. It is in fact an excellent time of year to have your pond cleaned. Of course, free quotations...

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Pond cleaning can be carried out at any time of year. However, winter where many think this work is un-achievable it actually has many benefits that you may or may not have realised.

One benefit in particular is that it gives your pond head start for the following spring and summer seasons. Old autumn leaves and debris are removed & your plants are cut back which provides excellent growth for the Spring. 

Read below for more benefits.


We are regularly asked by new and existing clients whether it is OK to clean your pond in the winter. In fact it is one the best times of year to have this work undertaken.

With cooler water temperatures, the dissolved oxygen levels are high compared to the summer months which levels drop quickly. With these low temperatures your fishes metabolism will be very low which means low harmful waste levels in the pond.

Majority of the neighboring trees will have dropped off most of their leaves, your pond plants will have died back which will sit on the bottom and break down causing silt levels too rise.

Even better (especially for the unfiltered pond) once the pond has been cleaned out, without the warm sunshine present the water will stay clearer for longer.

If you are worried about other wildlife such as frogs and newts, well these guys aren't fully aquatic so in the colder months they usually leave the pond to arrive the following spring.

We continue to work all year long, if you would like a free quotation for any type of listed below, please feel free to contact us.

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