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Greenwater in your pond is a very common problem with most pond keepers especially during the summer months. However, we have the solution...

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Green water in ponds is a natural occurrence caused by microscopic algae that float freely due to the sun and water conditions.

This phenomenon is common in ponds worldwide, and the algae particles are so tiny that they can pass through any filter without a UV system. A UV filter works by clumping the algae together into larger forms that can be caught by the filter system, resulting in clear water.

However, if the pond has not been recently cleaned, the filter may not be able to handle the excess algae and pond debris, leading to daily blockages.

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The quickest and easiest way to combat this issue is a full drain clean and tidy to remove everything unwanted, followed by suitable filtration equipment with sufficient standard maintenance.

With all the above in place, your water will stay crystal clear all year round guaranteed.

Added Bonus

Even though clear water is more pleasing to the eye, you will be able to see what is lurking on the bottom of your pond making maintenance a breeze simply using a net to remove leaves, twigs etc in seconds.

For more information on pond cleaning, click here.

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