Blanket Weed

Sometimes you are fighting a loosing battle with this weed, or are you?

Every pond keeper's pain in the neck

Blanket weed simply gets everywhere and anywhere, it loves clear water too which is bad news for all pond keepers. Or is it?

Blanket weed is actually easy to eradicate. It is fairly easy to treat as it is an algae and not so much a robust plant. The problem is when it has taken over treating simply makes a complete mess of your pond it breaks down and blocks everything up.


The quickest and easiest way to combat this issue is a full drain clean and tidy to remove all blanket weed inc everything else unwanted. Blanket weed is no match to our jet washes...

The trick to keep blanket weed at bay is to add a treatment within a week of cleaning to prevent it actually from developing. It is so much easier treating it early than if you wait for it to grow and then to try to remove.


Without blanket weed present, most of the dirt should find its way to your filter not caught up in the weed on the pond sides, rocks pipes etc making pond maintenance that much easier. 

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