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We specialise in pond silt removal in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Using specialist aquatic machinery, we work in the water targeting heavy silt pockets directly on any type of water.

Large excavators are simply restricted in distance and also due to their weight, they can leave huge damaging footprints on the banks and around your property. 

Instead the machines we use have been designed and built specifically to deal with silt removal properly and also come with different attachments to tackle all pond silt types. Those hard to reach places are now an achievable task.

Silt Pumping

The silt pump is equipped with a sediment grinder. This enables us to pump sludge and grind up any small matter without blocking.

We can pump up to 500ft away and will work up to 2.4m deep with a flow rate of 60000 lp/h.

Silt can be pumped to a designated area on a field etc, or we can supply large silt bags.


Grip Bucket Excavator

The excavator or grip bucket attachment is great for when dealing with thick/heavy silt usually when there is little or no water.

However we can still use these attachments if the silt is deep down. This arm has a reach of a 2.2m depth.

This provides an excellent and fast working solution to gather and remove silt from your pond or lake.



Local Pumping

Pumped out of the pond to a nearby area (within 500 feet) where it can drain and dry out.

Pumping silt is by far the quickest way to remove silt. For shallow ponds you may find the water levells drop too quickly, if so a detwatering bag uphill nearby the works best as silt free water will keep topping up your pond.

Silt is extremely fertile with high nutrient content so it is a great food source for plants/grass lands etc.

Silt Pumping

Silt / De-watering Bags

These bags are ideal if you are short on space for the silt to be pumped to. Laid onto a flat surface, these bags simply fill up, the silt stays behind and the water leaves the bags through its permeable membrane.

When the bag has de-watered, you are then left with dry, nutrient rich compost.

Bags come in a variety of sizes.

De-watering bags

Silt Fence or Screen

If space is low and pumping is not an option, we can install a silt fence within your pond.

Silt is excavated and placed behind this fence until it reaches the top. The fence is made out of an extremely strong, permeable membrane where the water will eventually drain out.

This area will be great for planting and also can provide a new bank where erosion has been a problem before.

Silt fence or screen

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