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From small wildlife ponds to large jaw dropping koi ponds. Why not add a little "wow" factor to your garden and show off your new feature to your friends and family.  All pond build quotations are completely free...

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Pond Building & Construction in Worthing, Brighton, Horsham & Sussex

Before you build a pond, choose wisely...

If you wanted a conservatory built, you would employ a reputable builder not a mechanic. Or if you were designing a new house, you would hire an architect not an accountant.

So if you would like to have a pond built, seek the help of a firm that specialises in this trade, not a fencer, builder or a landscape gardener.

It can be a costly mistake to try and rectify a poorly built pond. Get it right the first time round. 

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We can design and build your pond from start to finish. From small to large natural ponds or to the more specialist koi pond using only the correct materials, equipment and most importantly the know how to finish the job correctly.

We would only use materials that would provide longevity to your ponds life. There is no point cutting corners here. There is also nothing worse than an un-level pond, all our levels are found using lasers.

The most common style ponds are raised/formal, ornamental & wildlife ponds.


This is a very popular choice using natural stone sides, brick or wood to give an amazing finish to your raised pond.

For a stone finish, natural stone is used so it is fantastic for outdoors. It is frost proof and looks even better over time as it starts to weather in. There are approximately 6 different colours and styles for this stone option. If stone is not for you, we can render, brick build, sleeper finish or modern wood cladding.

Unless asked not too by the customer, all our raised ponds are built to the highest standards. Plumbing is hidden within the walls and special inlet and outlet connections are also used. Ideally the based is re-enforced concrete & the walls are block built via "double skin or 9" with high-density blocks. No corners cut here!

For a liner, we use only the finest possible liners on the market, butyl rubber, liquid rubber or fibreglass. We recommend to spend some money on this part because should your cheap liner need replacing, it will cost a fortune to replace.

We install specialist pumps, filters, UVC sterilisers to all our ponds for outstanding water quality and ease of maintenance for the customer.

All our ponds our laser levelled for the ultimate look.


The "ornamental" approach is yet another fantastic pond style to bring in peace and tranquility for any garden.This type of build is the most versatile by far. You can literally have it in any shape or style you like. We can also integrate water falls or other water feature with ease into the ornamental style pond.

Part grass or even full grass edging is becoming very popular aswell however It does need more attention but it looks great.If grass isn't your thing, we can install natural flat rock edging for a superb finish to your feature pond. All rock edging is cemented securely into place for longevity and to give a solid look and feel.

Unless specified by the customer, we would install a concrete foundation around the entire edge of the pond to provide a stable base for which ever edging you choose and also to help prevent the ground from sinking over time.

We install specialist pumps, filters, UVC sterilisers to all our ponds for outstanding water quality and ease of maintenance for the customer.

All our ponds our laser levelled for the ultimate look.


Wildlife ponds are a great way to provide a home to all different types of aquatic animals in your garden.

These are very popular with our customer who does not have electricity in your garden as these can run on mother nature. Unless a very large pond, we recommend to stay away from the fish option as you will need some sort of filter system.

All shapes and sizes are available with this option, we also like to add foundations to the edges here to provide maximum strength. We can also intergrate water falls or other water features with this option however power supplies will be needed.

To balance the water out, we recommend a good amount of vegetation should be added.

All our ponds our laser levelled for the ultimate look.

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You could build the flashiest pond but without the correct kit, the water will go green and in worst cases the water could become unhealthy for your fish.

We would recommend when selecting your budget, than rather spending more on a fancy water feature, perhaps make a cut back on this to spend more on your filters, you will thank us later.

We specialise in equipment selection & installation. For more info click here.

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