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Our water lily removal services in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire are now also available across the UK.

Water lilies are beautuful plants with amazing colourful flowers which can bring an element of character and charm to any pond or lake. However left to their own devices these plants are very invasive and can take over any water.

Not only are they invasive, they are a nightmare to remove with their large connecting ryhzome root system anchoring deep into the pond base and also into other plants. 

To remove these plants effeciently and effectively, it is important to use correct machinery and tools.

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Using the excavator attachment on our machines enable us to swiftly uproot all unwanted water lilies with accuracy and of course no damage to the bank or surrounding areas.

We simply drive over, dig up and rake up after to leave your pond or lake either water lily free or in most case a controlled, stunning water lilly feature.

This service is extremely popular for fishing lakes where water lilies have taken over all the good fishing spots or golf courses.

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These machines are extremely accurate and with its design it has a minimal foot print, so damage to banks and "soft" areas are completely minimised. These machines can get to any part of any waterbody where most diggers this would be an impossible task.

Our lake management services ar ideal for:

- Golf Courses
- Fishing ponds & lakes
- Private lakes & ponds
- Resevoirs
- Leisure parks
& many more...

Contact us to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements. For first contact, if possible to send over a few pictures to start things off.

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