Fixing a damaged or leaking pond

A leaking pond can be a nightmare, constantly having to top it up and also worrying about the water bill.

Majority of the calls we receive from our customers with a leaky pond are expecting to have to re-line the entire pond. This isn't always the case, in fact it is more likely that a repair is all that is needed. Luckily with our knowlegde and know how we have cost effective ways to rectify without it costing a fortune.

How do we do it

To deal with a leaking pond we would need to drain, clean and tidy it fully. During this process any damage usually shows up like a sore thumb. Once located, if the damage is repairable, which in most cases it is we can fix it there and then. 

How much does it cost?

For a pond liner If the damage is repairable and we can fix it on the spot, we do not actually charge for this service, we only charge for the full drain clean and tidy up. We do advise that finding the leak is something that we cannot guarantee (sometimes the leak could be external or not leaking at all) however we usually locate the leak with ease during the cleaning process.

What if your pond does need a new liner?

In the instance where we have drained and cleaned your pond to discover that the liner has completley gone or the cement base needs replacing we would discuss options with you moving forward and supply a quotation for the works.

Your pond would have need to be drained anyway to find this out and we wouldn't add a charge to drain it again for when return if you filled it back up to keep your fish and plants a temporary home.

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