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--- V E G E T A T I O N  C O N T R O L ---

Our lake management and aquatic weed control services in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire are also available across the UK.

Dealing with overgrown large bodies of water can be a very time consuming, expensive & a labour intensive task. Majority of the time, vegetation simply cannot be removed by hand due to the volume of growth and root system anchoring most aquatic plants securely into place.

Usualy to deal with such growth, a large excavator would be employed to remove unwanted plants and overgrowth. However this process is usually limited to bank work only or as far as the digger arm can reach. This is a huge disadvantage as diggers are exremely heavy which can severely damage surrounding areas. Another problem is that some water bodies are so boggy, a digger simply could not even access it without getting stuck. 

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To deal with this problem correclty and efficiently Simply Pondz use now quality Amphibious Machines not only for vegetation control but a host of other problems such as dredging & silt pumping, excavating, water lily removal, reed bed control and more. The above before and after picture only took 1 and a half day to completely overhaul this natural pond in West Sussex.  

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These machines are driven with superb experise and with its design it has a minimul foot print, so damage to banks and "soft" areas are completely minimised. These machines can get to any part of any waterbody where most diggers this would be an impossible task.

Our lake management services ar ideal for:

- Golf Courses
- Fishing ponds & lakes
- Private lakes & ponds
- Resevoirs
- Leisure parks
& many more...

Contact us to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

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